Caberra Heritage Rail

The CANBERRA HERITAGE RAILWAY MUSEUM is operated by the ACT division of
the Australian Railway Historical Society. The museum houses displays
of historic locomotives, carriages and rail memorabilia. In addition,
the Canberra Railway Museum is the home to both Australia’s oldest
and largest operating steam locomotives. The oldest, 1210, was built in 1878
whilst the Beyer-Garratt 6029 steam locomotive weighs 265 tons.

We also host education tours and are available as a party
venue. We welcome group visits, and locations for events such as
wedding photography and filming.

Throughout the year we run fantastic heritage rail trips and tours –
from regular short shuttle trips to Fyshwick, to steam hauled trains
to Bungendore, to long distance trips to Sydney and beyond. We also
run dinner/dance trains, and offer charters for your special occasion.

Optifast Shakes?

Optifast Shakes?

Optifast is seen as a viable option for weight loss and is safe for use for both adults and teenagers who have a body mass index of 30 percent or more. The weight loss program is medically supervised and helps individuals to maintain overall health, even after weight loss goals are met. The Optimist program typically lasts for around 26 weeks, and Optifast shakes are included in the foods that dieters use to achieve their health goals. In addition to the shakes, Optifast also offers soups, nutritional bars, protein drinks and vitamin and mineral supplements.

Optifast shakes are an option for individuals who are looking to lose weight while still feeling fulfilled throughout the day. The shakes are available in three flavors: strawberry, chocolate and French vanilla. The shakes contain 14g of protein to satiate the appetite and each shake contains 160 calories.

Amcal Optifast shakes include milk protein, as well as a combination of natural and artificial flavors. The shakes only contain 3g of fat and 20g of carbohydrates, which is enough for many people to get the energy they need in between meals. The meal replacements contain a minimal amount of sodium (220mg) and are high in potassium (470mg) which is another ingredient that provides energy and helps to strengthen the muscles.

Those who are are lactose intolerant may be able to drink Optifast shakes, since the meal replacements have less than one gram of lactose. The shakes are also suitable for individuals who have to follow a gluten free diet. The glucose in Optifast shakes are derived from wheat, but the glucose has been highly refined, so it meets the requirements for a gluten free diet.

Individuals who are interested in trying Optifast should consult their doctors before starting the program. A regular workout routine and balanced diet can enhance the effects of the Optifast program.